December 2018

The theme of the month is CHRISTMAS and CELEBRATIONS


Traditional Christmas Church

We'll have a traditional Christmas church at Oulu main cathedral at 10.15. Families and grandparents are warmly welcome. If you wish your child not to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.


Tontut Suutareina theatre performance at Oulu City Theatre

We will all go to Oulu City Theatre for a performance called Tontut Suutareina at 11.00. We will have lunch after the theatre. Tickets 10€/ child.


Christmas Caroling in Rotuaari

From 12.00-12.30 we will be Christmas caroling on the Rotuaari stage. Come and listen to us!


Our Christmas Concert at OIS

We will have our Christmas concert at Oulu International School starting at 18.30. More information about details later..


Christmas lunch

We'll have a traditional Finnish Christmas lunch for kids.


Last day before Christmas holidays

We close doors at 15.00. Have a happy Christmas holiday, we'll be back at work on January 2nd,2019 at 7.00.

January 2019

The theme of the month is OUR STORIES


Back from Christmas Holidays

We'll open our doors and embrace the New Year at 7.00! Preschool will start on Jan 7th (all schools start on the same day). Please let us know if your child doesn't start on the 2nd.


Preschool starts



Preschoolers' swimming week

see more information later in Wilma


Keijo Tahkokallio luento

Oulun Seudun Yksityiset Päiväkodit järjestävät luentotapahtuman Oulun Kansainvälisellä koululla alkaen klo 18.00. Luennoitsija on psykologi Keijo Tahkokallio aiheenaan "uskalla olla lapsellesi vanhempi".