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About Us

The playschool was founded in 1994, and became a registered playschool and preschool in the beginning of 1997. In the 1990s the world was already becoming a smaller place thanks to the massive developments being made in technology, especially here in Oulu. English skills were key to bringing the rest of the world to Finland and allowing Finns to explore and broaden their own horizons. Out of this, Playschool was born.


November 23rd

Annual Movie Festival

We warmly welcome all our families to join our annual movie festival. 

We start at 17.15 and there most definitely will be popcorn!

November 28th

(Birch and Poplar)

The Poplar and Birch groups will go to Ouluhalli for Kuperkeikka (gym event) between 11-12. 

December 15th

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert will be held at the Playschool starting at 18.00!

November 27th & 30th 

(Maple and Oak)

The Maple and Oak groups will go skating in the morning. More info in the age group chats and the notice board.

November 29th

Sky at Night

The event will take place at the Playschool between 15.30-16.30. All the parents are welcome. More information will be shared in the group chats.

Our location

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