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Fees and Applications

Once we have confirmed a place for your child then we will help you to apply through the Oulu City website, this will also initiate your application for the service voucher, and a contract will be signed after the decision is given by Oulu City.

Our monthly fee for a child over 3 years of age is 1035€.
The City voucher is for 965€ maximum (starting 1.3.2024).

When you get your decision from Oulu City, regarding your voucher, they will have assessed your income and made the decision according to your finances. Once you have your decision, you will find the line referring to your ’omavastuu’ which is the contribution that you must make to the fees. 70€ will need to be added onto your decision as a result.

E.g. A student parent with no income will be entitled to the maximum service voucher of 965€. This means they will only have to pay 70€ for their child’s place.

The contract is valid from application until 31st July in the year your child starts school.

Our resignation period is one month and resignation must first be given in writing to us, to confirm their last day, and then finalised through the Oulu City website.


The fee for daycare is calculated by Oulu City. Daycare fee is dependent on income:

Full time
70€ – 365€

Preschooler's fee is determined by Oulu city.

Please note that starting from August 2020 all children are entitled to full time daycare.

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